Analysis of hydraulic cylinder leakage of cylinder main reason

Work oil cylinder and piston for host of main part, oil cylinder fixed in frame Shang, piston and table Zhijian set ball head, return is by weight will piston pressure back, pressure oil of sealed is using oil cylinder and piston Zhijian of didn't film for sealed, and to oil cylinder of within surface oriented, due to ball head of adjustable heart role, reduced has due to side to force caused of oil cylinder and piston Zhijian of friction.

High pressure hydraulic cylinders are placed on one of the primary trend. Maximum working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is outside the 14OMPa.

A working pressure of 70MPa 30 ton presses, can manufacture as a drill the same sophistication. 2000-3000 hydraulic machine if more than 100MPa high pressure hydraulic cylinders, high-pressure hydraulic components of the machine can reduce the 1/2--2/3 than the average.

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers of hydraulic cylinder seals depicted and the choice of seals,-circular sawing machines-reliability of hydraulic cylinders. As depicted in the seal structure used is not reasonable, selection does not meet the specifications of the seals, depicting not suitably to the hydraulic cylinder in hydraulic oil type compatibility with sealing materials, loads, extreme pressure changes in size, mission, speed, ambient temperature, and so on.