Cause of cavitation of hydraulic cylinder of construction equipment and preventive measures

Effect of cavitation in hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder manufacturers parts and hydraulic oil when dissolved gas in hydraulic oil easier to precipitate and form bubbles. These bubbles to burst after the high pressure area, moments of high temperature and high pressure micro Jet and force repeatedly acts on the cylinder surface, the parts surface cavitation. Cavitation of hydraulic cylinder of the conditions and structure of the hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinder components materials, quality, manufacture and repair of hydraulic oil to some extent.

(1) the hydraulic system the hydraulic system piping, control valves and other components of the pathways is too narrow and bend too much will make the hydraulic oil temperatures, increase impact, easy to produce bubbles in the hydraulic oil, causing cavitation of hydraulic cylinder.

(2) material if the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders hydraulic cylinder parts material with good strength, toughness, and resistance to corrosion, its good resistance to cavitation; otherwise prone to cavitation. Microstructure uniformity of other larger effects on cavitation, more uneven material organization, in its weak strength and corrosion resistance of low areas prone to cavitation.