Engineering cylinder two-point routine maintenance

First: engineering rust of related maintenance, in engineering oil cylinder in the of piston, main of role is for telescopic of control, so corresponding of in whole work in the, is very vital of, is because need long-term of for back and forth of telescopic control, so must will because air in the of oxide, and acid of gas, and by erosion, so most effective of maintenance way is, directly in piston bare of parts Shang, smear Shang amount of oil, such on can effective of up to protection of role.

Second: is on engineering oil cylinder for for oil and open box of maintenance, thought using engineering oil cylinder a time zhihou, certainly will has is big of foreign body into to oil cylinder of internal, so we again using of when, certainly will appeared friction compared serious of phenomenon, because foreign body into to has engineering oil cylinder of internal, and with foreign body of increased, corresponding of friction also will increased, so will serious of effect whole engineering oil cylinder in using Shang of effect; because hydraulic oil in whole using Shang is has limit of, If some of the more large machinery, so if hydraulic oil after a long period of time, not being able to effectively replace them, then damage to the equipment is very serious, and even erode the internal structure of cylinder of the whole project.