Factors and methods of detection of hydraulic cylinder

Loader, excavator movable arm lifting and a slow failure, apart from the main pump, safety valves, control valves and the causes of balance valve of hydraulic cylinder, the main reason is the internal leakage of hydraulic cylinders. At this point, the settlement is especially suitable to detect the cylinder. A case study of excavator boom, scooping top load and the jib fully extended and tapping valves placed in the seat, engine flameout and shut down after the 5min measured variation of hydraulic cylinder piston rod extension, this variation of the hydraulic cylinder subsidence, if this value is greater than the standard value, said hydraulic cylinder leak worse. Standard values for all kinds of construction machinery hydraulic cylinder subsidence, Hitachi UH171, WH051 wheeled excavator boom cylinders, cylinder subsidence standard values are 40mm when settlement of UH083 excavator boom cylinder >30mm, bucket of settlement >25mm settlement of the bucket cylinders and railway at >15mm, show that the hydraulic cylinder leak seriously. By empirical method for testing, jib control lever to a liter, if the boom drop faster, settlement boom cylinders, show that the boom cylinder leak; if the rate of decline is not obvious. Note releasing control of robot arm cylinder valve and lock valves.