How to maintain the seaming machine?

Manual Seaming Machine For Seaming Sheet Metal Roof With 90 Degree.jpgLike a car, the basic principles of most seaming machines are the same. The core of the car is the internal combustion engine, and the core of the seaming machine is the coil stitching system. The sewing machine simply passes the needle portion through the fabric. On the needle, the needle eye is behind the tip, not at the end of the needle.

The seaming machine should pay attention to the work, insert the needle into the pinhole plate, lift the presser foot, and cover the machine head with the machine cover to invade the dust. When starting work, check the main parts first, and take the light and heavy condition. How to, whether there is special sound, whether the needle is normal, etc. If abnormality is found, seaming machine should be repaired in time; after the machine has been used for a long time, it is necessary to carry out an overhaul. If it is found that the parts are worn out, replace it with new ones.

The seaming machine should be fully oiled once after one or several days of continuous use. If it is refueled between uses, the machine should be idling for one revolution, so that the oil is fully infiltrated and the excess oil is removed, and the machine head is cleaned with a clean soft cloth. Wipe clean with the countertop to avoid soiling the sewing material. Then thread the quilted rag, use the movement of the sewing thread to wipe out the excess oil traces, until there is no oil on the rag, and then make the formal sewing.