In the course of using, hydraulic cylinder manufacturers some problems that may occur

At present, manufacturers of equipment in the production life of the hydraulic cylinder using more and more. In the course of using, hydraulic cylinder could result in many different degrees of problems, can seriously affect productivity. Hydraulic cylinders for use on mine, because the cylinder is larger, and often in the case of high-voltage low-speed operation, very prone to internal leakage of the oil leak and other conditions. End of cylinder vertically, when bolts under axial pressure and radial cutting force. In the process of mining, nearly one-third bolts are cut off, off the tray, directly over piston rod and contacts under extrusion deformation of piston rod head over, if not replace the cylinder will cause the piston rod end. At moving time, bolt shear forces far less traction, pallet and frame shear friction over lead bolt shear, tray missing piston rod caused serious damage to his head, led up the cylinder at the end of scrap.