Instructions and troubleshooting of hydraulic station and elimination method

System correctly, turn on the power switch, the device into a functional State.

1) has two electro-hydraulic proportional control of hydraulic station oil supply device and switch on the operation panel power switch and signal switch can be converted.

2) detection status

Reset button is pressed within 3 seconds after pressing the test button manually, the system entered the detection status, 1 to solenoid valve solenoid valve 7 sequential again, each solenoid valve action time is 2 seconds, to detect electromagnetic valve movement is normal, if a fault alarm display again, press the reset button, return to normal working condition.

3) normal working condition

Turn the system on or after pressing the reset button, the system into normal working condition, action shown in the table, see status of solenoid valve: solenoid valve does not power up, other solenoid valves are powered on.