Manufacturer of hydraulic system leakage and leakage of main measures

(1) hydraulic system manufacturers to reduce the amount of oil line fittings and flanges, widely used in the design of modular valves, cartridge valves, valve plate, take the form of manifold combinations, reduced pipeline leaks, is leak-proof and effective measures.

(2) the hydraulic valves installed in the hydraulic system in place closer to the actuator, can greatly shorten the total length of the hydraulic pipes, so as to reduce the number of fittings.

(3) the hydraulic impact and vibration directly or indirectly affect the system causing pipe joints loose, resulting in leaks. Hydraulic impact often is caused by fast reversing. In the case of conditions allowing, prolonging the switching time, the valve is provided with buffer tank, cushion cone structure or control valve in the valve is equipped with extended switching time. Hydraulic systems should be from outside sources, the pipeline should be rationally set pipe clamp, pump damper can be used, high pressure hose, compensation to take over or fitted with pulse pressure pulsation absorber to remove and reduce vibration.

(4) periodic inspection, regular maintenance, prompt treatment is to prevent leaking, reduce the most basic security.