What are the characteristics of the slitting machine ?

Simple Slitting Equipment For Thin Steel Metal Sheet.jpgThe slitting machine magnetic powder brake device is a slitting machine unwinding group, and the transmission member is coupled with the inflation shaft, and the speed of the unwinding is controlled by controlling the torque of the magnetic powder brake. According to the size of the whole roll material of the slitting machine, the magnetic powder brake is selected. The common specifications of the magnetic powder brake of the slitter are 12Nm, 25Nm, 50NM, 100Nm, 200Nm and 400Nm. The main purpose of the magnetic powder brake is to provide balanced and stable torque. Slitting machine can be adjusted with the tension controller to improve the efficiency and quality of the unwinding and the whole movement of the slitting machine.

The magnetic powder brake tension control is precise and simple, which can prevent the material of the slitting machine unwinding group. The magnetic powder brake of the slitting machine adopts DC24V DC voltage, and the heat dissipation can be selected as natural cooling or the device fan can be used for forced heat dissipation. Please keep the magnetic powder brake on the horizontal axis and the surrounding environment not too humid during installation.