What is a hydraulic uncoiler

The hydraulic uncoiler has a support coil and provides tension to the steel strip. It is an unwinder consisting of a frame, a main shaft, a retracting reel, and a brake device.

Regional alias: hydraulic opener, hydraulic winder, unwinder, unwinding feeder, unwinding leveling machine, etc.

The main function: support the coil and provide tension to the steel belt, consisting of the frame, the main shaft, the expansion and contraction reel, and the brake device.

Hydraulic uncoiler construction

The following is the basic structure of the hydraulic unwinder used in the KJA2*1600 unwinding leveling shear line unit.

a) Main frame: It is made of steel, A3 steel plate and #45 steel forged bearing seat. It is not deformed by annealing and qualitative treatment. The two bearing seats are made by one hole to ensure the concentricity of the spindle installation. Radial runout is generated.

b) Spindle: It is made of 40Gr round steel drill with a diameter of 85mm. It is made of refined steel after quenching and tempering. The working surface has a diameter of 190mm and a bearing capacity of 15 tons.

c) Up and down reel: adopts the slider type push-pull expansion reel; four curved plates, line cutting slider pairs, the diameter of expansion and contraction Ф460~Ф520; effective working length 1300mm, the overall mandrel ensures that the reel is enlarged and reduced At the same time, the surface of the reel is plated with hard chrome.

d) Brake device: It adopts pneumatic disc brake assembly, the brake force can be adjusted, the brake is tight when parking, and the brake is operated when driving, ensuring that the standby and power-on state will not be loosened, so as to avoid scratching the board surface when loosening.

e) Hydraulic power: push-pull expansion and contraction mandrel: hydraulic cylinder model specification: FA-Ф125×130mm, using rotary joint oil supply method; press material lifting hydraulic cylinder FA-Ф63×600 mm.