What is standing seam roof panel machine?

(1) Between the motor and the belt pulley is equipped with centrifugal friction clutch, which can reduce the starting torque and the dynamic load of the transmission parts, making it easy to start and ensuring reliable operation.


(2) The transmission system adopts the first-level worm and worm transmission with simple structure.


(3) The control mechanism adopts the tooth clutch to roll the threaded pipe with different pipe diameters. It can be stopped at any time during the rolling process, which is convenient for measurement and conducive to material saving and cost reduction, which is not available in other ways.


(4) The executive mechanism of the special machine -- the rolling head can adjust the rolling diameter of the screw pipe through the screw rod, and the spiral Angle can be adjusted stepless through the sliding body rotation, which is impossible for the machining of screw pipe by the lathe. The machine overcomes the limitation that the thread pitch of the lathe is limited and the lead can not be adjusted arbitrarily.


(5) In addition, three rollers are provided with a pair of tapered roller bearings in radial direction, which bear both radial and axial forces. This makes the rolling process light and smooth, and avoids the traditional method of using cylindrical roller bearing to only bear radial force, which makes the roller spinning in the original place of the pipe, and stops when it goes in the rolling process, resulting in the irregular lead of thread.

(6) The rolling guide rail is used between the tailstock trailing plate and the bed body. Vertical movement is light and flexible. Low friction resistance, greatly reducing power loss, only 5.5kW can meet the need.


 (7) The side of the bed body is equipped with a travel switch to facilitate the adjustment of stroke size, to ensure that the size of the length of the threaded pipe meets the requirements of the drawings, and to play a safe role.


(8) The standing seam metal roof machine has wide range of use. The thread pipe with the diameter of 38-76 can be rolled, with a large lead range (20-240mm). The requirements of different diameter and arbitrary pitch of one machine can be realized, and both left and right screw can be achieved. If using three rollers roll head, can also roll large lead multi-threaded pipe. One of the most important features of this machine is that the roll head and the tripod can be switched. When the roll head rotates and the workpiece does not rotate, the length of the thread pipe can be processed without restriction, which is incomparable with other machining methods.


(9) Standing seam roofing machine of this special machine is a cold machining method, which forms the thread through the plastic deformation of metal.(Ra value is 0.32-0.08um);The strength and surface hardness of the threaded pipe were improved. The fiber tissue of the material was not cut off, so the abrasion resistance of the rolling thread was improved greatly. The fatigue strength of screw tube is improved by 20-40%. Increase tensile strength by 20-30%;Increase shear strength by 5%;The problems such as drawing, scratch, screw and pitch irregularity and forming quality instability were avoided. The processing speed was doubled. With this machine, there is no need to occupy the lathe, can make it more fully play the function of the machine.

Standing Seam Roof Panel Machine