What is the tension control of the slitting machine?

Metal Sheet Slitting Machine With Motor Driving.jpgIn the process of collecting and unwinding the slitting machine, the winding and unwinding diameters are constantly changing, and the change of the diameter will inevitably cause the change of the material tension. When the unwinding torque is constant, the diameter is reduced and the tension is increased. The winding is reversed. If the winding torque is constant, the tension will decrease as the winding diameter increases. This is the main factor that causes the change in material tension during operation.

The change in speed at the time of slitting machine affects the change in tension: when the speed is increased or decelerated, the speed of the main motor changes. Firstly, it causes the instantaneous change of the material tension of the unwinding to the winding section, and it must be slightly vibrated after a period of time to gradually stabilize the tension. The instability of this tension is manifested in the fact that the finished roll is not well-wound, and the end face has unevenness, which affects the quality of the product.