What is Z shape truss roll forming machine?

Z Shape Truss Roll Forming MachineTruss roll forming machine, also known as extrusion mill and roller mill, is a new type of cement energy-saving grinding equipment developed in the mid-1980s. It has a high-efficiency, low-efficiency ball mill pre-grinding system and reduces steel consumption and noise. The function is applicable to the construction of the new factory, and can also be used for the technical transformation of the old factory, so that the output of the ball mill system can be increased by 30-50%, and the 0.08mm fine material in the material cake after extrusion accounts for 20-35%, and less than 2mm accounts for 65- 85%, the internal structure of the small particles is filled with many tiny cracks due to the extrusion, and the wearability is greatly improved. The roller surface is hot-stacked and the wear layer is more convenient to repair.

The roller press is designed according to the principle of material bed grinding. Its main features are: high pressure, full speed, full material and material bed crushing. The roller press consists of two pressing rollers that rotate in opposite directions, one is a fixed roller and the other is a movable roller.

The material is fed from above the two rolls, and is continuously carried into the roll by the squeeze roller. After being subjected to a high pressure of 100-150 MPa, the compact cake is discharged from the machine. The discharged cake, except for a certain proportion of fine finished products. In the interior of the non-finished particles, a large number of cracks are generated, which improves the wearability of the material, and in the further pulverization process, the grinding energy consumption can be greatly reduced.

The material is divided into three stages through the grinding roller: dense material filling, laminating pulverizing, and agglomeration discharging stage.