Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers Decryption Method

1. the hydraulic cylinder is suitable for nominal pressure p ≤ 160kg/cm2 functions under the condition of the cylinder itself and pressure regulating device, the pressure adjustment should be taken into account in design of hydraulic system of pressure regulating valve to control the working pressure of the tank. (High pressure and cylinder can be customized for special purposes).

2. hydraulic cylinder in front of a work must be in low pressure (greater than starting pressure) times without reciprocating, excluding gas inside the cylinder to work properly. Oil inlet and outlet connectors must be fastened good sealing pad to prevent oil spills.

3. in order to guarantee the service life of the hydraulic cylinder, recommended the use of pure 20#-30# oil or hydraulic fluid, and there shall be no slag inclusion in the oil.

4. Select the line with the pump operating temperature of the oil temperature, generally 15-65 range.

5. cylinder head pins and piston rings pin should be in the same direction, working cylinder could play a swing role (flange connection).