Hydraulic Cylinder Leak Checks And Repairs

Hydraulic cylinder piston is to prevent the main elements for hydraulic oil leak, in the inspection process in accordance with the normal practice of running equipment, and then do the reversing valve to piston position stretched out to the limit, hydraulic support cylinder in the promotion State, open hydraulic fluid tank return lines-observe whether there is a leak of hydraulic oil. If there is leakage of hydraulic oil, you first need to check the wear of the seals, as well as between the piston and the piston rod seals are intact. If the test results indicate that seals and guiding support rings there are different degrees of damage, it should be under the original seal or guide support ring structures, selection of material production and the replacement of the same specifications, thus effectively reducing the oil film thickness of seals and sealing surfaces to prevent hydraulic support cylinder leaks from happening again.