Plunger Hydraulic Cylinders And Pistons Cylinder What Is The Difference Between

Plunger hydraulic cylinders hydraulic cylinder and piston lost is the difference between anthropogenic pressure and flow, the output for thrust and speed. Only one end of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod of the piston rod. Its import and export oil at both ends a and b can pass oil or oil pressure to achieve bi-directional motion, it is called double-acting cylinder piston hydraulic cylinders, it can only achieve movement in one direction, return by gravity or spring force or other forces to advance. In order to obtain bi-directional motion, usually in pairs, repercussions of the layout used.

Piston 2-oriented 3lai-oriented, piston and cylinder without touching, so without finishing the cylinder wall. End of the plunger is under pressure to ensure the plunger cylinder with enough thrust and stability, plunger is thicker, heavier, and installation is easy to produce uneven wear, so the piston cylinder should be installed vertically. Installation when used to reduce weight and improve stability and plunger are made of seamless. This commonly used long stroke hydraulic cylinder machine tools, such as Plano, rail grinding, large broaching machine and so on.