Sandwich Metal Wall Panel Making Machine with Hydraulic Forming Cutter

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Sandwich Metal Wall Panel Making Machine With Hydraulic Forming Cutter

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Model NO:PU37-189-756;

Control System: PLC Frequency Control System with Touch Screen;

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets;

Packing: standard for export;

Port:  XIAMEN,China ;

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T;

After-sales Service Provided.


PU37-189-756 Sandwich Metal Wall Panel Making Machine With Hydraulic Forming Cutter:

Main Accessories and Technical Parameter:

(1) Main PU   Foaming Machine;

(2) 2PCS   Material Bucket ;

(3) Uncoiler for holding Al Foil Coil;

(4) PU Foaming   System

 A. Pipette Tips( Material: mould steel Cr12   );

 B. Pump device for extracting the raw   material from

  Bucket to pipette tips( Brand: Japan POP );

 C. PU37-189-756   Belt for PU foaming( 4PCS Customize

    Rubber Belt );

 D. Pre-heating   and Heating Device for heating

    Roofing   sheet and facing sheet( Capacity:12KW );

E. Belt Heating   Device for heating Belt

    ( Capacity:24KW );

F. Belt Conveyor for running belt( Length:   36m,

    Motor power: 7.5KW*2 );

 G. PLC Computer Controlling System( Brand:   Delta );

(5) Cutting System

 A. No-stop Forming Cutter Device(   No-stocutting,

    Cutting running Distance: 5m, Motor   power: 3.7KW);

B. Clamping Device( Power: by air system which   is

    Supplied by the buyer );

 C. PLC Computer Controlling System( Brand:   Delta );

(6) 3m Run Out Table (4pcs);

(7) PU line length:   35200*15300*3100mm;

(8) PU Thickness:   15mm to 50mm adjusted;

(9) For facing   sheet, two options--Aluminum foil or Steel sheet;

(10) Material of   shaft: high grade 45# forged steel;

(11)Sprocket wheel:   45# steel high-frequencies quench;

(12) Material for   frame of machine: fine welded structural steel;

(13) (Painted Color:   Green or Customization

Technical Process For PU Line:

Uncoiler --Feeding Material--Forming Roofing sheet and bottom facing sheet --Receiving roofing and facing sheet --Feeding roofing and facing sheet Inside PU Foaming Machine ---Or sticking the AL foil -- Forming PU sandwich Panel --Cutting Length(auto cut)--Receiving PU Sandwich

Profile drawing for PU37-189-756 PU Sandwich Panel Roofing


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 PLC Computer Controlling


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